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   VW Lacey Act / APHIS Declaration Form (*NEW* 6/17/2010)

  Expeditors Security Filing Submission Form

The Hardline Imports Manual is available as a PDF file:

 Click on the Adobe icon to view the Import Manual.

Inserts for the Hardline Imports Manual are below:

  Intellectual Property Rights

  Intellectual Property Rights Compliance Guide

  *** Indemnification Obligations Signature Sheet ***

  SOLAS - VGM Container Weighing Requirements

  Shipper VGM Declaration Form_1 container

  Shipper VGM Declaration Form_ Multiple containers

  Quote Sheets - Provided in Excel for user input (*Updated 9/28/15*)

  Letter of Credit

  Shipping Marks

  Hardline Ticketing Instructions & New Ticketing Colors ** (Please read carefully - New colo

  VW Vendor Document Checklist Form (*Updated 4/8/2010*)

  Hardlines Contacts